Foto: Luca Maximilian Kunze
Foto: Luca Maximilian Kunze

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18-03 | Fabian Hartmann

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17-05 | Philipp Röding

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I used to be so smart/
so clever, you know?

I used to be the smartest of my class and later in college
I amazed everyone with my vast knowledge and overall approachability.

I knew beauty,
you know /
once it presented itself.

I had my eyes open for many a day.

I even used to be occasionally brave

For example:

I went to Spain once all by myself & had
Chocolate con Churros at some totally random place near the trainstation & smoked a cigarette on a bench near Jardín Botànico & I did this all by myself. This is how brave I used to be.

Look at me now.
Look at me now.
How could I ever
Have become so unapproachable

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